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We celebrate our 30th Anniversary (2014-2023) · New office in the center of Badalona (Barcelona), Avda. Martí Pujol, 14. Closer, more accessible and with new services - We celebrate our 25th Anniversary (1994-2019) - Fiscal advisor - Inheritances and wills - Companies register - Management and administration of national and international companies - Professional services used by more than 200 clients - Integral Business Consultancy Services



Many companies find outsourcing a solution to the daily administrative management of the company. Outsourcing of accounting or financial services.

Human resources management, personnel selection or continuing education.

Application of the Occupational Risk Prevention Law.

Adaptation of the company to the Data Protection Law.

According to the needs of the client, our professionals move to the client to carry out in their own facilities the procedures that have been outsourced.


Our approach: You have an idea, we offer you all the necessary tools to get it started.

Is it necessary to establish a company?

I need a local or industrial warehouse, what should I keep in mind when signing a lease or purchase contract?

I need financing, can I get some kind of benefit in ICO credits?

I receive the unemployment benefit, can I capitalize?


Day by day the consultancy tends to integrate more with the company / client, almost being part of it with the intention of detecting strengths and weaknesses.

At the labor level, the consultancy offers the possibility of designing and implementing policies and systems of labor relations that are consistent with the business strategy.

Implement training for company workers.

Outsource labor relations.

At the fiscal level, planning and search for tax optimization for the company or individual entrepreneur.


The internationalization of companies allows them to expand their businesses beyond our borders. Increasing competitiveness and increasing sales.

It is important to choose the right formula, either through a representative in the country of destination, or by creating a subsidiary among other possibilities.

We analyze and manage the process of creating the company in the Country since we have professional collaborators in different areas outside our territory.


The human factor is one of the keys to business success. For this reason, we recommend to our clients the selection and hiring of the right people for each position, who fit in with what they need, professionals who contribute to achieving the objectives and success of the company.

We have the support of a team of expert psychologists in personnel selection and human resources who will find the optimal person for each vacancy, with guarantee and professionalism. We carry out the process tailored to the needs of our clients.


Conduct a labor audit by analyzing the labor and social security documentation, allows to know the correct application of current labor and social regulations and question in any case a possible inspection with economic impact.

At the accounting and tax level, in the same way, an audit can provide the necessary information to know the correct application of current tax regulations and avoid penalties for any mistake made.


Training is an investment that increases the professional competence of working people and increases business efficiency. Thanks to the subsidized training, this investment can be recovered through contributions to Social Security. We are an accredited company to manage training through the State Public Employment Service and the State Foundation for Job Training.

Our service ranges from carrying out independent training actions to the complete management of the annual plan training, tailoring it to the needs of your company and aligning it with its strategy, thanks to our training consultants. We have the support of expert trainers in all the functional areas of the company.


Thanks to psychology coaching, we help businessmen, managers, middle managers and teams to achieve their goals and solve problems related to their life in the company. We have a team of coach psychologists available to accompany you in your professional growth.

Many professionals at some point in their career require the help of the tools of coaching psychology to continue advancing and growing both in the professional terrain as well as staff. Coaching a process that favors the development of the person in his work and allows him an optimal use of his strong points and the advance in his areas of improvement.

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