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Frequently questions

What is the bonus in the self-employed fees for the start of activity?

During the first twelve months, the fee will be € 60 (reduction of 80%), between the months 13 and 18 the fee will be 141.65 € (50% reduction), between 19 and 24 the fee will be 198.31 € (30% reduction).

What is the limit of cash payments between individuals and freelancers?

The maximum amount is 2500 €. In case of non-compliance, the sanction will be 25% based on the sanction. At the moment the Draft Anti-Fraud Law is on the table that will reduce the amount to 1000 €.

What is the income threshold in 2023 to have an obligation to file the Income?

There is an obligation to declare when more than 22.000 € of work income obtained from a single payer is received. In case of more than one payer will be 14.000 €, with limitations to take into account.

Can I deduct the costs of acquiring a vehicle if I am autonomous?

It must prove the involvement of the vehicle 100% activity. There are several options: Demonstrate that there is a second vehicle, signage, mileage control and routes. Art. 95.3.2 VAT Law. - 50% deduction is allowed for passenger cars, trailers or motorcycles. This reduction may reach 100% if exclusive activity is demonstrated. Acquisition expenses, fuel, repairs, parking and tolls. Art. 22 of the Personal Income Tax Regulation. - It will be deductible if exclusivity of the affectation of the vehicle is demonstrated.

A freelance who carries out his activity in the habitual residence, what expenses can I deduct?

Provided that the exercise of activity in the habitual residence has been recorded in the census registration document, 30% of the supplies of the proportional part of the dwelling used.

I have a company (limited), can I do intra-community operations or import/export?

In order to carry out intra-community operations and avoid VAT taxation, the company must be previously registered in the AEAT and request registration in the ROI. To be able to issue an invoice to a client from a member country and not apply VAT, you must consult your CIF on the hacienda website If it is registered, we avoid VAT. In the same way with the invoices received. In case of imports or exports, they will be VAT-free operations with the specific regulation of each country.

I am freelancer, at what age can I retire?

In 2020 you can retire with 65 years and 10 months or with 65 if you credit 37 or more years quoted. You can also retire early provided that at least 25% of your working life is accredited under the General Scheme and the reason for your termination at the last company allows it.

What are the advantages of making a will?

The will facilitates the identification of the heirs and the distribution of the assets according to the will of the testator. In the absence of a will, the notary through the document "Declaration of Heirs", name legal heirs and the distribution of property, always in equal parts, leaving the usufruct to the spouse and the rightful one to whom it corresponds.

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